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About Us

The labour market is continuously in motion. So are we. We help organisations to continue their growth by supplying them with the talent they need. We help professionals take the next step in their careers. With us, career opportunities literally stretch beyond borders. We locate high-quality talents throughout the whole of Europe. When a job requires migrating to another country, we are there to offer support and guidance at every step along the way. We believe in the power of our candidates and employees. They are the engines of every company.

Our mission

Gaps in the labour market? We fill them with high-quality professionals. Our recruiters are the perfect matchmakers between international talent and the business world. Working from Amsterdam, we make matches throughout the whole of Europe. Our approach is characteristically qualitative and personal. We operate interculturally with equality and inclusion as our guiding principles. Because with us, ethnicity knows no borders. We supply talent for a labour market in which all can optimally participate in their own unique way.

Our vision

We’re highly ambitious. We endeavour to be the matchmaker between professionals and companies at a global level. The professionals we work with are central to everything we do. In the field of recruitment, we unburden our employers active in different sectors. In doing so, we create the perfect match, selecting from our pool of culturally diverse talents. Everyone has equal opportunities on the labour market, regardless of age, ethnicity, or other characteristics.

What you can expect from us as a talent

Career opportunities and development.

We can match you with a company that meets your career ambitions and recognizes your talent. Providing a company culture that will make you feel appreciated and that will provide you with a fresh challenge with new work experiences.   

Learning a new language. Learning Dutch.

Are you coming from abroad to work in the Netherlands?

It will be beneficial within your new role to speak the Dutch language. We can assist you with learning the language, giving you more confidence when starting in your new role.

Providing support and guidance every step of the way.

One of our experienced employees will provide personal support and tailored guidance on your new career path. This way, you will always have a trusted point of contact for all your questions and queries. In addition, we will regularly request and provide feedback so as to help you settle into your new job.

Finding help with accommodation.

We work with a network of professional housing agents with local knowledge of Amsterdam and the surrounding areas. They will help you find suitable accommodation which will be located no more than a half an hour commute from Amsterdam.

What clients can expect from us

Assistance with developing and advertising job vacancies

Together with our recruiter we can provide a professional vacancy portfolio. We will discuss your requirements for prospective candidates and support you to develop your vacancy brief.

Recruiting staff

Our existing national and international candidate network is considerable which has allowed us to match suitable professional candidates with prestigious companies on a global level.

Reference checking

We will undertake rigorous reference checks so your business can be confident that suitable candidates are selected.  As a potential employer you will receive a full professional profile of each candidate from us.


We always provide customized solutions and will look at specific employer requirements. We do this based on existing business needs and language preferences. Everything that is needed for the right candidate to strengthen and develop your business.


We place talents in various sectors. Our recruiters recruit throughout Europe. If there’s mutual chemistry between a talent and an employer, we take care of the transition.

Our Talent
We reflect on areas of development and shifts in the labour market. We not only look at who you are now, but also at who you can become. We know what is at play at your future employer. We enthuse our candidates for the vacancies for which we’re recruiting, always ensuring the right match. Functioning across the whole of Europe allows us to shift gears quickly and flexibly. Recruitment knows no borders with us. Does the professional not speak the language? No problem! We can offer language courses at an A2 or B1 level. Because this also contributes to development and growth, opening up more career options.

Our sectors
Our recruiters work for a range of sectors. We’ve placed talents in the healthcare sector, in the meat industry, and the construction sector. Would you as a client like to add another sector to our portfolio? We look forward to rising to the challenge.

Our international network
The European Human Capital Agency’s network is large, enabling quick, successful matches between clients and candidates. We aspire to develop long-term relationships with each other and are always on the lookout for win-win situations.

Would you like to become a partner of EHCA?

We enjoy developing new partnerships. Are you as a client looking for a professional? Or would you as a professional like to put your talent to use at a new employer? We can help you to make the perfect match. Please contact us for a non-binding consultation.


We look forward to meeting you! Would you like to get to know us better and find out what we can do for you? Call us at +31 (0)6 82 72 83 31 or send an email to