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Posted on 15 November 2019

EHCA – European Healthcare Agency presents the Golden Plan

A Career Plan for qualified enfemería personnel with which you can study Dutch in Malaga and, after obtaining your certificate, travel to holland to work in health organizations in the Netherlands.

What is the EHCA Golden Plan?
This Plan is designed for those who want to start their Career in Holland knowing the language beforehand.
For this reason, you will reside in Malaga for the duration of your Dutch training; intensive training with native teachers, in which you will also have residence, food and drink included.

At this point, students can decide whether to reach Dutch’s A2 level, travel to the Netherlands and start working as a nursing assistant, or continue to level B1, travel to the Netherlands and start working as a Qualified Nurse in Dutch healthcare organizations.
In the Netherlands it is necessary to have level B1 to be able to work as a Nurse within the Dutch Health System. Once the student reaches this level, the BIG Register (registration for nursing personnel in the Netherlands) will be managed and, after obtaining, work within hospitals and other health facilities will be accessible.

What does it include in Golden Plan?
During the training time in Malaga:
• Intensive Dutch course
• Native Dutch teacher
• Free expenses and accommodation
• Transportation voucher

If the person travels to Holland at a level A2:
• Starting salary: 2,300 euros/month
• 36h per week, divided into:
or 18h Dutch course
or 18h as a care-assistant
• Monday to Friday with 1 day off
• And weekends off!
• Low-cost accommodation and transport voucher

Once you reach Dutch level B1:
• Starting salary: 2,600 euros/month
• 36h per week
• Free BIG registration
• Monday to Sunday with 1 day off
• Help to get accommodation
• 6 weeks of vacation
• Christmas Bonus

Within the company is followed up by the Department of Nursing in which they help the person to carry out all the necessary procedures on arrival in the Netherlands (open a bank account, registration, health insurance…) Mentoring and coaching meetings are also held to make personal and professional experience the most rewarding possible.

We are currently creating a new group that will begin its formation in January 2020. If you are a qualified nurse, you want to live a multicultural professional experience in the Netherlands, do not hesitate to send us your CV to info@ehca.eu.

We’re waiting for you!


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