EHCA opens the biggest selection process for Nurses

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Posted on 12 November 2019

European Healthcare Agency opens largest selection process in Spain for Nursing staff

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EHCA is in full expansion and is looking for qualified professionals in Nursing to live a quality professional experience in health organizations in Amsterdam. The Agency has designed three quality career plans tailored to the needs of the professionals giving the opportunity for unlimited growth.


EHCA works hand in hand with Leven & Zorg, a Dutch company dedicated to the Healthcare sector for more than 10 years. Both have opened this ambitious selection process in which they offer different career plans for nursing professionals.


What does EHCA offer?

  • One-year contract with the possibility of indefinite in a company solid and committed to its employees.
  • Multicultural environment in which to learn and develop both professionally and personally.
  • Accommodation and transport included
  • Flight to Amsterdam
  • Dutch course with native teachers
  • 36 hours of working time divided into:
    • 18 hours studying Dutch
    • 18 hours of home work
  • Weekends and an extra day a week off.
  • 6 weeks of vacation
  • Christmas Bonus
  • Mentoring and coaching at every step, each procedure that the professional has to perform (registration, opening a bank account, health insurance…)


Currently, there are 3 models of career plans adapted to the needs of the professional.


In the Silver Plan the candidate can travel to Amsterdam from the first minute and start with the ionserion in the culture and customs of the city.

During the first months you will attend Dutch classes (18h a week) and carry out home work cleaning and conditioning of our patients’ homes. After about two months, you will get the A2 level of Dutch and go on to work as A Care Assistant with a starting salary of 2,300 euros and the same working day of 18+18. Finally, after another 4 months, the professional will be examined for the B1 level of Dutch with which he will already be able to work as a nurse in the Netherlands, with a starting salary of 2,600 euros.


In case the person prefers to travel already having a Dutch base, they can opt for the Golden Plan. In this plan the professional will study Dutch in the city of Malaga, Will perform an intensive for 2 months in which he will have accommodation and food included.

After earning the A2 level, you will travel to Amsterdan and start working as Care Assisntant with a starting salary of 2,300 euros. There he will continue to attend Dutch classes 18 hours a week, until he obtains the B1 level with which, as in the Silver Plan, he will be able to work as a qualified nurse in the Netherlands.


And finally, EHCA has designed the Platinum Plan; a plan in which the professional may decide to study Dutch on his own, or he may already have the level required to work as a nurse in the Netherlands. In this case, you will travel directly to Amsterdam and you will be able to start working as a qualified nursing professional with a starting salary of 2,600 euros and a bonus of 2,000 euros. In this last step, the day will also be 36h but fully working and will have one day off a week.


The Leven & Zorg team, located in Amsterdam, will be in constant contact with people travelling to the city of bicycles. They will constantly follow up to see what the experience is like, how they feel, what they need, etc. A human team that truly cares about the people who work with them.


About EHCA and Leven & Zorg

EHCA – European Helathcare Agency is an agency specialized in the selection and recruitment of nursing professionals to work in health organizations in the Netherlands. The agency is located in the city of Malaga (Huéscar street n14) and works in collaboration with Leven & Zorg, a Dutch company in the Healthcare sector with more than 10 years of experience.

Leven & Zorg has more than 300 professionals from different health areas such as social workers, nurses, psychologists, doctors and psychiatrists. In the last year it has experienced such growth that the demand for professionals has spread at European level. For this reason, they have launched one of the most ambitious selection processes in Malaga.

L&Z has 4 business areas focused on the health and accompaniment of vulnerable people. These are:

  • Long-term care
  • Social Support
  • Mental health care
  • Childhood and youth

In constant innovation and search for the improvement of its quality standards, Leven & Zorg has managed to place itself among the best companies in the Healhcare sector in the Netherlands.

Due to the large volume of patients that exist today, you need to incorporate qualified professionals in Nursing to work in Amsterdam.

If you want to know more about Leven & Zorg, we invite you to visit our website: https://levenenzorg.nl/

More about EHCA Career Plans?

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