Golden Plan: para los/as que apuestan por una Carrera Profesional sin límites

With our Golden Plan, you’ll start working as a Nurse IO until you get the B1 level of Dutch; mandatory requirement to practice nursing in the Netherlands.

Here’s how we walk through this plan:

01. Selection phase

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The Interview

You will conduct a first interview with the recruiter from Spain and a second with the Nurse Manager of Amsterdam. Both will be done via Skype, unless you reside in Malaga and you can move to our offices.

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The Result

After the interview, we will contact you again to communicate the result of the same.

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The Documentation

Once you have successfully completed the selection process, we will start managing all the necessary documentation for your transfer to Amsterdam Don’t get overwhelmed! We help you with everything.

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Finally in Amsterdam! You will meet your colleagues at home and you will have all the information and support to make the adaptation process as simple as possible.

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02. Operational Phase

Month 1 to 3:

You’ll start working 18 hours. weekly on as Nurse IO.


Co-working with a REGISTERED Nurse with BIG Registration.


Salary 1940.07 for 36 hours (FWG 35 – step0)

Dutch Course

16 hours a week until you get the A2.

You can!

Studying and practicing at home will speed up the learning process!


Dutch level exam A2.

Skill Training

ROC skill-training test (2 days)

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03. Work Phase

Month 4 to 8:

It starts after beating the Dutch A2 level.

  • 28 hours a week as Nurse IO
  • 8-12 hours Dutch course
  • Salary: 2,061.31
  • Exam B1

Month 9 to 11:

It starts after passing the Dutch B1 level.

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  • 36 hours a week as Nurse IO
  • Salary: 2,601.70
  • BIG Record

Month 12:

Starts after you get the BIG Registry.

  • 36 hours per week as a Registered Nurse
  • Salary: 2,668.93
  • Manage A’dam municipal housing application for nurses
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About the Golden Plan

This Plan has been developed based on our experiences with previous training courses. This timeline is feasible in the case of a good effort of the candidate. The indications remain at all times, the bold letters printed behind each phase of the month remain decisive for the start of the next phase and the beginning of the conditions that accompany it.


After the last monthly phase (month 12), you will continue to work for Leven&Zorg for at least 1 more year. In case you decide to leave earlier, a payment scheme will be followed as set out in the employment contract. This payment scheme is justified by the company’s investment in employee training (hours paid during language lessons and additional training, such as ROC skills training).

What if I decide to leave the plan early?

•If you decide to leave the plan early, the cost incurred in the training taken will be charged to you. In principle, through salary if a supplement is required, an invoice will follow.
•When you leave the plan, the work will be completed immediately and you will need to leave the property that is available to work.

The full investment in training costs €3,750. After you obtain the BIG registry, the following payment scheme applies:

  • Departure within the first 6 months: 75 of the training cost.
  • Departure within 7-12 months of the pimer year: 50 of the training cost.
  • Departure within 13-18 months of the first year: 25 of the training cost.
  • Departure within 19-24 months of the first year: 10 of the training cost.

Collective Agreement

In the COLLECTIVE CONVENTION, everything we have to fulfill as an employer and employee is defined. You can request a link from the Dutch version to the Human Resources Department, and you can translate it into your own language over the Internet. If you have questions about the CAO VVT, you can always contact the human resources department.

Here are a number of important working conditions to follow:

•Time travel from home to work and work to home is on your own.
•Holiday allowance will be paid in May and another 8 on your annual gross salary
•You will receive a thirteenth month wage (extra month) in November
•237.4 hours per year (36 hours of work)

Irregular hours

Increase in hourly assignment during irregular hours:

•22: between 06:00 and 07:00 and between 20:00 and 10 p.m. Monday through Friday
•38: between 06:00 and 08:00 and between 12:00 and 10 pm on Saturdays
•44: between 00:00 and 06:00 and between 10 p.m. and 24:00 Monday through Friday
•49: between 00:00 and 06:00 and between 10 p.m. and 24:00 on Saturdays
•60: between 00:00 and 24:00 on Sundays and public holidays and between 6:00 and 24:00 on 24 and 31 December.


Are you a Graduate in Nursing and want to work in Amsterdam?

Send us your updated CV and we will contact you to resolve all your concerns and arrange an interview.