We have designed three career plans tailored to your needs. We understand that each person has different concerns and longings. For this reason, we invite you to discover which plan best suits you.

Remember that both from EHCA (Spain) and From Leven & Zorg (Netherlands) you will have a team that will guide you and help you in everything you need. You’ll never walk alone.

EHCA silver plan

If you want to live the Dutch experience from the beginning, we propose the Silver Plan with which you can learn Dutch in Amsterdam from day one.

You will be able to grow in your career through the following steps. And remember! You’ll have support and guidance every step you take.

golden EHCA plan

If you prefer to travel to Holland knowing something Dutch in advance, we propose the Golden Plan. You will learn Dutch in the wonderful city of Malaga (Costa del Sol). When you reach level B1, you will fly to the Netherlands, register as a qualified nurse in the Dutch healthcare system and start with an unstoppable health career.

EHCA platinum plan

Are you a free spirit?

If you already have the B1 level of Dutch or decide to study it on your own in Holland or in your country, this is your plan. You will be able to travel to Amsterdam, register as a nurse in the Dutch healthcare system and start your career in an international and multicultural environment.


If you are a Graduate in Nursing, you want to live in Amsterdam and you are passionate about what you do, do not hesitate to send us your resume today!

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